About us

Olalotto is a new gaming platform on the market but already with great potential, offering lottery games that give you greater chances of winning. OLALOTTO is a subsidiary brand of Mozambique Benefitial Games, as a official partner of MOVITEL,S.A, we are willing offers our customers the following Lottery games: 5/11, Combo 3 and Combo 5. All of them with good gameplay and easy interaction with the player.

In terms of geographic extension, the Products and services that OLALOTO offers are only available in the Mozambican territory, and it is not possible to play or bet outside the country.

OLALOTTO is part of an internationally structured product brand, managed by a group of brilliant minds, who have a vast knowledge of the local and international industry bringing the best international practices in the gaming market in Mozambique.

Make your dreams come true with OLALOTTO!